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Including Spares for the King TB4 tablet counter, TC8 capsule filler, Dispenser Rx tablet counter and Technofill liquid filling machines

We keep a large stock of King TB4 tablet counter spare parts in our warehouse along with many common spares including components for King pumps and other King filling and capping machines

We provide onsite servicing to maintain your packaging machines productivity. Our engineers can visit production facilities on a regular basis to carry out a full mechanical, pneumatic and electrical checks

King TB4 and Pump Spares

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Ordering spare parts and change parts for your King filling and counting machine has been made simple with our easy to use online store. Mislaid or lost instructions manuals can also be downloaded 

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King Packaging Machinery Spare Parts, Servicing and Support

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C E King have over 75 years’ experience in the manufacture of packaging machines and machine parts with thousands of units installed worldwide. King offer packaging solutions and packaging materials to suit all tablet counting and liquid filling needs from small bench top semi automatic filling systems and simple filling machines to fully automatic, high throughput packaging filling production lines. By utilising optional systems and accessories, we can tailor the equipment to suit customer specifications and application requirements. All King counters and fillers are manufactured in accordance with the CE and GMP standards. FDA approved product contact materials are incorporated in the design and construction of all units.

Our goal at King is to set the highest standards in the packaging industry by manufacturing high quality packaging equipment and packaging machine spares that last for 25 years or more. Our Customers Service department offer a number of key after sale and onsite services to ensure optimal machinery performance is maintained. Our experienced engineers have previously worked extensively throughout the packaging machinery and automation industry not only with UK and European manufacturers and packaging suppliers but also with manufacturers and suppliers of packaging machinery and filling systems worldwide. Our service and machine parts team provide on-site servicing, pre-planned preventative maintenance and technical support. In addition our engineers are available for site visits to assess the feasibility of overhauls and rebuilds.

We maintain a large stock of spare parts and consumables and are able to ship worldwide. These include spares for the following filling, counting, capping and labelling machine models: KT340, KT341, ILKT inline liquid filler range, ILKF, Technofill filling machine, King tablet counters: DC, Dispensa, Dispenser Rx, TB4, TC8, TC12 tablet counters, slat counters SC4, SC6, SC10, SC15 and SC20 and slat format tooling, as well as King cappers CS50, CS60, CAPS80, CS120 and CS180. CE King spares team also provide service, spares and support for CF100 cottoner, LH5 labeling machines and other packaging machinery and equipment.

King work with many pharmaceutical and healthcare, animal and veterinary, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and skincare, personal care and toiletries, food and drink, home and garden, automotive and other industries including e cigarette, e liquid and e juice, and other sectors which produce shampoo and conditioners, bathroom and kitchen sprays, hand washes and liquid soap, disinfectant, COVID-19 hand gels and hand sanitizer, shower gel, bath oils, body scrubs, body lotion, oils, creams, skin moisturisers, lotions and toners, mouth washes, shoe and nail polish, vape pen refills, CBD products, herbal vaporizers, e-vitamins, insecticides, repellents, pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, automotive liquids and cleaners, paints, dyes and other similar fluid products.

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